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Valentina La Paz
Full Name Valentina La Paz
Gender Female
Political Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance "Mergers and Acquisitions"
Final Appearance "Long Term Parking"
Portrayed By Leslie Bega
Episode Count 7

Valentina La Paz (portrayed by actress Leslie Bega) was Tony Soprano's girlfriend in Seasons 4 and 5 of "The Sopranos". She initially was Ralph Cifaretto's girlfriend, and she met Tony at Hesh Rabkin's horse stables when Tony was meeting with Ralph.

She and Tony are quickly attracted to one another, and soon start an intimate relationship. After their first time together, Tony does not want to see Valentina anymore, mainly because she is dating Ralph Cifaretto. She reveals to Tony that Ralph has very strange sexual habits and is not meeting her needs. Tony's sister Janice confirms this to Tony, as Janice had previously dated Ralph.

Tony and Valentina continue their relationship until the end of Season 5. One day, while Valentina is cooking eggs for Tony, her robe accidentally catches fire and she is badly burned. After this incident, Tony and Valentina split up, and the last scene she appears in is in the hospital, where she is recovering from her burn wounds.

Tony and his second girlfriend

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