Slava Malevsky
Slava Malevsky is the apparent head of the Russian Mafia and a business associate of Tony Soprano and apparently has a lot of affection for Tony. He runs Tony's money laundering operations and helps him find the Russian taxi driver who attacked Janice Soprano.

Later on in Season 3, Tony is concerned about meeting with Slava after Paulie Gualtieri and Christopher Moltisanti botch an attempt to kill Slava's friend Valery. Slava appears unaware of what has happened to Valery when Tony has a meeting with him at his restaurant, but reveals to Tony that they served together in the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation during the First Chechen War in Chechnya and Valery personally killed 16 Chechen rebels saving Slava's life in the process. Slava tells Tony he loves Valery like a brother but Valery's alcohol and drug abuse deeply hurts Slava and brings shame to Valery's family. This prompts Tony to insist to Paulie Gualtieri that Valery must not be allowed to survive and tell of his ordeal. When Paulie Gualtieri and Christopher Moltisanti fail to find Valery in the Pine Barrens and Tony has to come and rescue them, Tony informs Paulie Gualtieri that he will have to take any heat from Slava should Valery return. Valery's fate was never resolved by the end of the series. 

Slava has a daughter that he says is very smart and he hopes will go to Harvard University. 

Though Slava isn't seen again in the series, in "Chasing It", after having a meal with Paulie, Christopher and Bobby, Tony states that he's going to see Slava to liquify some offshore money. 

  • Played by: Frank Ciornei 
  • Appears in: "...To Save Us All From Satan's Power", "Pine Barrens" 

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