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The Sopranos The Complete Fourth Season
Season 4
Season 4
No. of episodes 13
Disc release The Sopranos The Complete Fourth Season
Original run September 15, 2002 – December 8, 2002
Preceded by Season 3
Followed by Season 5

The fourth season of The Sopranos premiered on September 15, 2002 on HBO, and concluded on December 8, 2002. The season consisted of 13 episodes altogether.


  1. For All Debts Public and Private
  2. "No Show"
  3. "Christopher"
  4. 4

"The Weight"

  1. "Pie-O-My"
  2. "Everybody Hurts"
  3. "Watching Too Much Television"
  4. "Mergers and Acquisitions"
  5. "Whoever Did This"
  6. "The Strong, Silent Type"
  7. 11

"Calling All Cars"

  1. "Eloise"
  2. "Whitecaps"

Starring Edit

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