Satriale's Pork Store is an Italian Meat Market located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. It is frequented visited by members of the DiMeo Crime Family, mostly the Soprano Crew.

Pre 1970sEdit

Satriale's Pork Store was initially owned by Mr. Satriale, a Gambling addict who in the early 70s got into debt with Johnny Boy Soprano due to his Gambling. Satriale either refused to pay the debt, or didn't have enough money, causing Johnny Boy Soprano to cut off Satriale's pinky finger whilst Junior Soprano held him down in the backroom of Satriale's Pork Store. The incident was witnessed by a young Tony Soprano, who was supposed to be waiting in the Car outside. A short time later, due to Mr. Satriale being in debt, Johnny Boy Soprano took over Satriale's Pork Store from Mr. Satriale, reclaiming it as his own.

Under the SopranosEdit

Since Johnny Boy Soprano took over the Pork Store, Satriale's has become a popular hang out for members of the DiMeo Crime Family, particularly the Soprano Crew. When Johnny Soprano died in the 1980s, he handed the Pork Store over to his son; Tony Soprano, who has owned it ever since. The outside of the Pork Store is normally littered with members of the Soprano Crew, it is occasionally used for Sit downs such as when Johnny Sack had a sit down with Junior Soprano, but the Pork Store if mostly used for social means.

Emil Kolar was killed by Christopher Moltisanti in Satriale's in 1999. Richie Aprile's corpse was later carved up in Satriale's by Christopher Moltisanti and Furio Giunta in 2000. Dominic "Fat Dom" Gamiello, a member of the Lupertazzi Crime Family, was murdered in Satriale's by Silvio Dante and Carlo Gervasi in 2006,