Raymond D'Abaldo
Full Name Raymond D'Abaldo
Aliases Ray-Ray
Political Information
Affiliation Lupertazzi Crime Family
Rank Soldier
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance "The Blue Comet"
Final Appearance "Made in America"
Portrayed By Rick Aiello
Episode Count 2

Raymond D'Abaldo, also known as Ray-Ray, portrayed by Rick Aiello, is a soldier in the Lupertazzi crime family.

He used to sell stolen items out of the back of his Ford Crown Victoria in his early criminal career. Raymond attends a meeting at Flatbush Bikini Waxing with Albie Cianfalone and is one of the gunmen contracted out for hits on the Soprano family.

Raymond is involved in the assassination attempt on Silvio Dante but runs out of bullets before he can gun down Patsy Parisi and is seen by the patrons of the Bada Bing that come out and see the shooting. Ray-Ray is last seen in "Made in America," walking outside with Butch as he talks on the phone with Phil Leotardo.

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