Mr Ruggerio's Neighborhood
Season 3, Episode 1 #27
Air date March 4, 2001
Written by David Chase
Directed by Allen Coulter
Episode Guide
"Proshai, Livushka"

"Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood" is the 1st episode of Season 3 of the HBO original series The Sopranos. It is the 27th overall episode of the series. It was written by David Chase, directed by Allen Coulter and originally aired on March 4, 2001.

Synopsis Edit

Episode Cast Edit


  • First episode in which Nancy Marchand (Livia Soprano) is not billed in the opening credits.

References to other media and popular cultureEdit

  • Caitlin tells Meadow that she and her friends visited two famous NYC landmarks: Smoke Jazz & Supper-Club Lounge, located at 2751 Broadway in Manhattan Valley, NYC; and Ruby Foo's pan-Asian restaurant in Times Square, owned by B.R. Guest.
  • The FBI, reviewing video of Tony's basement, discuss his Black & Decker jig saw

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