The Moltisanti crew was one of the eight crews of the DiMeo crime family. Founded in 2006 by Christopher Moltisanti, the Moltisanti crew was an organised expansion of the Soprano crew. It was also known for being the youngest, having been the only crew founded in the 2000s. The crew became defunct in 2007 when Christopher Moltisanti was murdered and the crew was then merged back with the Soprano crew.

Foundation and Chrissy's reign (2006-2007)Edit

The Moltisanti crew was founded in 2006 by Christopher 'Chrissy' Moltisanti. Chrissy was related to the Underboss's wife, the Underboss being Anthony 'Tony' Soprano. Chrissy was also Tony's protege and close friend, Tony sometimes describing Chrissy as the man he loved most in the world. Chrissy had been a loyal Associate to the Soprano crew throughout the 90s and later a Soldier as of 2001. In 2005 and 2006, however, there had been a massive influx of new mobsters in the family, and the Soprano crew was decidedly split in two. Tony, chose Chrissy as Capo of the new crew. The crew was made up of Chrissy's closest friends, who were all young, bright mobsters. The crew was commonly used as a physical tool, in terms of interrogation and threatening, due to their young, strong members. However, Chrissy was known to all to be a strong drug addict, known as one of his major downfalls.

List of members of the Moltisanti crew:Edit

Christopher Moltisanti - Capo (2006-2007), murdered by Anthony 'Tony' Soprano

Benito 'Benny' Fazio - Soldier (2006-2007), transferred to Soprano crew.

Peter 'Petey Bissell' LaRosa - Soldier (2006-2007), transferred to Soprano crew.

James 'Murmur' Zancone - Associate (2006-2007), transferred to Soprano crew.

'Little' Paulie Germani - Associate (2006-2007) transferred to the Soprano crew