Moe n' Joe
Season 6 (Part 1), Episode 10 #75
Air date May 14, 2006
Written by Matthew Weiner
Directed by Steve Shill
Episode Guide
"The Ride"
"Cold Stones"
"Moe n' Joe" is the 10th episode of Part 1 of Season 6 of the HBO original series The SopranosIt is the 75th overall episode of the series. Written by Matthew Weiner and directed by Steve Shill, it originally aired on May 14, 2006.

Synopsis Edit

Title explanation Edit

  • The title's name comes from Bobby's special Lionel model train car of characters Moe and Joe (blue-collar workers) who can unload lumber.
  • Possible Interpretation: Bobby uses the Moe & Joe model train to unsuccessfully try and find a connection to his son Bobby Jr.; the episode title could refer to similar failed attempts to establish a relationship: Janice tries to talk to Tony but angrily says there is only DNA that is common between them, Vito gets fed up trying to build a new life in Dartford, New Hampshire and leaves back for Jersey, Meadow emotionally complains about not finding common ground with Finn and Tony fails to comfort her.

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