Matush Edit

A candy junkie, who was addicted to sweets. His main job was selling club drugs. Thus he was Matush the Menthos vendor guy. He use to conduct his racket at the Crazy Horse bar, run by Adriana La Cerva. One day Furio was angry that Matush was selling drugs in the Crazy Horse without permission as well as not kicking up any cash from the sales. So he got an ass beating and he was kicked out. Matush requested a Sitdown with Jackie Aprile, Jr. through his friend. Jackie met up with Christopher Moltisanti at the the Bing to request that Matush be allowed to keep some action going, in exchange for some cut in the sales of the product. Chris said no but Jackie ignored Chris's ruling, he then told Matush that Chris said it was okay and he told Matush that he wanted a percent for getting the go ahead from Chris.  So Matush continued to sell his his work outside the club, Furio saw this and got furious because he had warned the man prior and Chris had just told Jackie no. Matush was suppose to be the getaway driver for little Jackie's robbery attempt at the card game but fled when shit went south and hearing gunfire.

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