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  • Ralph Cifaretto
  • Salvatore Bonpensiero
  • Richie Aprile
  • Mikey Palmice
  • Jackie Aprile Jr.
  • Brendan Filone
  • Matthew Bevilaqua
  • Sean Gismonte
  • Vito Spatafore
  • Feech La Manna
  • Dino Zerilli
  • Phil Intintola
  • Butch DeConcini
  • Little Carmine Lupertazzi
  • Svetlana Kirilenko
  • Gloria Trillo
  • Raymond Curto
  • Brendan and Chris successfully hijack the truck
  • Brendan brings a bunch of DVD players, the contents of the hijacked truck, for the rest of Tony's crew
  • Brendan listens as Chris explains to Tony that he should have been promoted by now
  • Chris explains to Brendan that their overall intake is less due to Tony and Junior's cut from the heist
  • Brendan tries to convince Chris that going against Junior is the right thing to do
  • Brendan comes to Chris in the morning, prepared to hijack the next truckload
  • Brendan becomes shocked when Chris reveals that he is not going to participate in the heist after Tony warned them
  • Brendan prepares to hijack the next truck with two cohorts, this time without Chris
  • Brendan and the two associates call the driver out and threaten him
  • One of the cohort's gun's misfires and ricochets, killing the driver
  • Brendan becomes upset and worried as the two associates flee, leaving the deceased driver
  • Brendan is worried upon returning with the truck and the revelation of the deceased truck driver
  • Brendan is relaxed in his bathtub, unaware of his impending fate
  • Mikey surprises Brendan while he is in his bathtub
  • Brendan becomes afraid, right before Mikey pulls the trigger
  • Brendan as he is terrified
  • A close up of Brendan's eye, directly before being shot
  • Brendan's body is found by Chris and Adriana
  • Brendan's deceased corpse. He had been shot clean through the eye, "Moe Greene Special"
  • Brendan's final onscreen appearance in the episode entitled The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti
  • Tony Blundetto keeps his gun close to him while he is in hiding in the episode entitled All Due Respect
  • Tony Blundetto's deceased corpse after receiving the heavy shotgun blast
  • Tony Blundetto is startled as Tony Soprano walks up around his hideout
  • Tony Soprano unleashes a shotgun blast directly into Tony Blundetto's skull, throwing him back heavily


Anthony "Tony" John Soprano, Sr.–
also known as Tony Soprano, was the De facto Boss of the DiMeo crime family. Tony has to juggle North Jersey's most powerful criminal organization, keeping it functioning properly and keeping dissonance to a minimum. The relationship between Tony and his uncle, Corrado John Soprano, Jr. (better known as Junior Soprano), was very close for many years, with Junior acting as a father figure for Tony following the death of Giovanni (AKA Johnny Boy) Soprano, Tony's father. However, the relationship was strained when a disgruntled Junior became more and more marginalized in the organization as the FBI's investigation into his activities increased. He had Brendan Filone killed, which infuriated Tony. Furthermore, he conspired with Tony's own mother, Livia Soprano, to...
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