This is the structure of ranks in the Mafia. A member of the Mafia has to be of Sicilian or Italian background.

Structure/Hierarchy TermsEdit

  • Don- Is the official boss and the first position of power in the crime family. He gets a percentage of every operation and business deal that the crime family engages in. His word is law and nothing ever gets past him without his knowledge of it.
  • Underboss (also known as sotto capo and capo bastone)- Is the second position of power in the crime family hierarchy and the most likely next in line to become the Don should the present Don retire, be incarcerated, become sick, is killed or dies otherwise. It is more than likely a family member, like a son, nephew,etc
  • Consigliere- Is the Don's right hand man, adviser, coordinator and even legal counsel to him and the crime family. 
  • Caporegime or Capo- Is the third position of power in the crime family hierarchy and he or she leads a regime or crew. The capos vote on who is going to be the Don. A crew usually has 3-4 guys in it.
  •   Soldier- The lowest official rank, these members are usually assigned into crews.
  • Associate- Non-official members but they are indirectly associated with the Mafia. 

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