Lou Galina

Lou "DiMaggio" Galina

Lou "DiMaggio" Galina is a minor character that appears in the episode, The Weight. DiMaggio along with his partner, Frank Crisci are recommended by Junior Soprano to assassinate Johnny Sack, the hit on Sack never happened however. When Tony Soprano wanted Sack dead he sent Christopher Moltisanti and Silvio Dante to show who they were going to kill. DiMaggio mentions to Christopher that he hates drugs, so much that he killed a dealer who was a captain named Lenny Caputo and his wife to death with a baseball bat for selling drugs the homicide was also how DiMaggio got his nickname from baseball player Joseph Paul DiMaggio and Demaggo was sentenced 8 years in jail for the murder.Silvio shows to DiMaggio, Frank and the other assassin a picture of Sack and Tony, Silvio says that Sack is on the left. After that DiMaggio also mentions to Christopher and Silvio that he helped kill a man named Tommy Neri by hitting Tommy in the head with a tire iron later DiMaggio holds Tommy down Frank cuts Tommy's head off. After DiMaggio says that another guy says that "If you like we can arrange to have that same thing happen again" Silvio declines that and gives DiMaggio an envelope with $10,000 in it, DiMaggio's daughter, Rose Galina offers Christopher and Silvio cake while bringing in a man who looks much like James Petrille, Silvio and Christopher decline the offer and leave.

Murders Committed by Galina Edit

Lenny Caputo: Beaten to death with a baseball bat along with his wife by DiMaggio, killed for selling drugs due to DiMaggio's hatred of drugs.

Lenny Caputo's Wife: Beaten to death by DiMaggio along with her husband, killed most likely to avoid witnesses to her husband's death.

Tommy Neri: hit in the head after coming home from the racetrack, pinned down by DiMaggio and then decapitated by Frank Crisci.

Trivia Edit

  • DiMaggio was named after Joesph DiMaggio because he had beaten Captain Lenny Caputo and his wife to death with a baseball bat.
  • DiMaggio has Congenital Cataracts which caught on to his daughter, Rose who lives with him.