Lorraine Calluzzo
Lorraine Calluzzo
Full Name Lorraine Calluzzo
Aliases Lady Shylock
Gender Female
Partner Jason Evanina
Political Information
Affiliation Lupertazzi crime family
Rank Associate
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance "Rat Pack"
Final Appearance "All Happy Families..."
Portrayed By Patti D'Arbanville
Episode Count 3

Lorraine 'Lady Shylock' Calluzzo was an associate in the Lupertazzi crime family of New York. She operated a loansharking business. In the past she had a sexual relationship with Little Carmine.  

Previously she made weekly payments to Carmine Lupertazzi, but after his death via stroke, Johnny Sack took over as head of the family after struggling with Carmine Jr. Refusing to pay Johnny directly, she opted to kick up her payments to Carmine's son, Carmine Jr., which angered Johnny greatly. He then sent Phil Leotardo (fresh out of prison) to perform a mock execution on her accompanied by his brother Billy and associate Joey Peeps. This attempt to intimidate her into kicking up her payments to Johnny ultimately failed. As a result, Phil sent Joey Peeps and Billy to silence her for good as punishment. 

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