The La Manna crew was one of the eight crews of the DiMeo crime family. Founded in the about the late 50s, early 60s, by Michele 'Feech the King of Breadsticks' La Manna, the crew was known as the oldest crew in the entire family, with Feech himself as the oldest member. The crew eventually went defunct in 2004, when Feech, who was the only extant member of the crew, was given an extremely long sentence, a sentence he was unlikely to outlive.

Foundation and Feech's (the King of Breadsticks) first reign (circa.1955/1960-1984)

The crew was founded by Michele 'Feech the King of Breadsticks' La Manna in about the late 50s, early 60s. Feech was an Italian who had been imported overseas to America during the 50s. There he met and became great friends with Ercoli 'Old Man Eckley' DiMeo. DiMeo and La Manna at the time were fellow mobsters, and when other mobsters started to join their group, Ercoli promoted Feech to Capo of his own crew. The La Manna crew, despite only having Feech in it, was known as the most ruthless and 'no-bullshit' crew in the entire family, with Feech as a feared and respected family legend. It seemed without doubt that Feech would be promoted to Boss if something happened to Eckley. However, in 1984, Feech was arrested after being suspected for a murder of a VIP using explosive material. Feech was given a 20 year sentence. As he was away, his crew was virtually inactive, with the exception of a few front house operators running his illegal bakery business.

Feech's second reign (2004)

When Feech was released from jail in 2004, Anthony 'Tony' Soprano, the then Underboss of the family, allowed Feech back into the mob to start up his crew again. Tony told Feech that times had changed since the 80s, and that one couldn't simply go around beating people up because they felt like it, which was a trait Feech had. Feech disobeyed Tony though, and soon got back his old reputation as family legend. Tony, however, was angry, and felt that Feech was too old and ironically too violent to stay in the mob. In conclusion, Tony set Feech up by planting several large illegal TVs in the garage of Feech. A local policeman who came to check on Feech monthly found these TVs and had him arrested. Feech was conclusively given a sentence that he was undoubtedly not going to outlive. The La Manna crew, therefore, became completely inactive and went defunct for good.

List of members of the La Manna crew:

Michele 'Feech the King of Breadsticks' La Manna - Capo (circa.1955/1960-1984, 2004), arrested, released, arrested.

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