Faustino Santoro, also known as Doc, is a Capo of the Lupertazzi crime family. He was there with Phil Leotardo to celebrate that Phil survived a heart attack. But after the death of Lupertazzi boss, Johnny Sack. Phil Leotardo and Faustino Santoro were in the race for real boss. So in protest he ordered the death of Phil Leotardo's friend, Gerry Torciano. Gerry Toriciano was shot and killed by a hit man working for Santoro, while at dinner with Silvio Dante. Since Silvio was unaware of the planned hit, Tony Soprano felt this showed Doc was off the reservation. Later when Phil Leotardo had dinner with Doc Santoro, he took some food from Phil which was a disrespectful pose. Later Doc Santoro was shot in the eye and the chest multiple times by hired muscle working for Butch DeConcini. He was killed so Phil would be the boss of the Lupertazzi crime family.

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