Davey Scatino
Full Name David Scatino
Political Information
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Robert Patrick

David 'Davey' Scatino is the (former) owner of Ramsey Sports and Outdoors and a childhood friend of Tony Soprano and Artie Bucco . He is first introduced in the Season 2 episode "The Happy Wanderer", where is with his son, Eric Scatino searching for colleges. Davey has a compulsive gambling habit, which Tony uses for his profit. In the same episode, Davey borrows around $8,000 from Richie Aprile during a poker game. Later, Tony allows Davey to enter a high-stakes poker game (known as "The Executive game," with notable alumni such as Frank Sinatra attendance) for which he borrows and loses $45,000.

Following his massive debt to Richie and Tony, they become partners in his business, Ramsey Sports and Outdoors, and began racking up debt by purchasing merchandise which they plan to sell at half-price.

Overview Edit

David has a past impulsive gambling habit, for which he went to Gamblers Anonymous to recover. To prevent him from gambling away Ramsey Sports and Outdoors, his wife, Christine, has the business under her name.

In "The Happy Wanderer", Davey approaches Tony with the intent of playing a high-stakes poker game. Tony reluctantly agrees. Davey becomes quickly heavily indebted to Tony, to the tune of $45,000.

Also in "The Happy Wanderer", Tony confronts Davey in his store about avoiding him. When Davey tries to use their friendship as leverage, Tony repeatedly assaults him.

Later, Davey goes to his other childhood friend, Artie Bucco, and asks him for a $20,000 loan to give him "breathing room" with Tony. Artie declines.

As partial payment to Tony, Davey offers up his son's SUV. Tony accepts and presents the SUV to Meadow, who recognizes it and becomes furious, since she and Eric are friends.

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