Comley Trucking was a trucking firm that had (as of 1999) been paying Junior Soprano protection money for 21 years. One of their routes might have been Cape May Street, Harrison.

Conflict with Tony Soprano CrewEdit

At some point in 1999, DiMeo associates Brendan Filone and Christopher Moltisanti started hijacking their trucks (the truck supervisor at Comley Trucking was Brendan's inside man). This came to Junior's attention when Brendan and Christopher started fencing DVD players that were stolen from one of their trucks. This prompted Junior Soprano to discuss the matter with DiMeo capo Tony Soprano and acting boss Giacomo 'Jackie' Aprile Sr. outside Satriale's, as his nephew eventually talked him into accepting restitution and not pressing matters further.

However, Brendan failed to listen to reason and, although his friend Christopher eventually decided to cease hijacking their trucks, Brendan hijacked a truck full of Italian suits with two black cohorts, one of whom accidentally killed the driver, Hector Anthony.

This ultimately led Junior Soprano to arrange Brendan's assassination and Christopher's mock-execution.

Junior Soprano's TrialEdit

During Junior Soprano's trial, government auditors detailed financial irregularities at Comley Trucking, which might have gone all the way back to 1978, when Junior Soprano first started extorting protection money from them.

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