Crews are led by a capo and make up the family. Each crew is made up of a mixture of Soldiers and Associate (the two bottom ranks) or simply a Capo on there own. There are a total of eight crews in the DiMeo crime family, only two of which are still active as of 2007.

1. The Junior crew (founded circa.1960, defunct as of 2006).

- Capos: Corrado 'Uncle Junior' Soprano (circa.1960-1999), Philip 'Philly Spoons' Parisi (1999-2000), Murf Lupo (2000-2002), Robert 'Bobby Bacala' Baccalieri Jr. (2002-2006).

2. The Soprano crew (founded circa.1960, currently active).

- Capos: Giovanni 'Johnny Boy' Soprano (circa.1960-1989), Anthony 'Tony' Soprano (1989-1999), Peter 'Paulie Walnuts' Gualtieri (1999-2007), Pasquale 'Patsy' Parisi (2007-).

3. The Aprile crew (founded circa.1970, defunct as of 2006).

- Capos: Richard 'Richie' Aprile (circa.1970-1990, 2000), Giacomo 'Jackie' Aprile Sr. (1990-1995), Inactiveness (1995-2000), Gigi Cestone (2000-2001), Ralph 'Ralphie' Cifaretto (2001-2003), Vito Spatafore (2003-2006).

4. The Moltisanti crew (founded 2006, defunct as of 2007).

- Capos: Christopher 'Chrissy' Moltisanti (2006-2007).

5. The Curto crew (founded circa.1960, defunct as of 2006).

- Capos: Raymond 'Buffalo Ray' Curto (circa.1960-2006).

6. The Barese crew (founded circa.1980, currently active).

- Capos: Lorenzo 'Larry Boy' Barese (circa.1980-2007), Albert 'Ally Boy' Barese (2007-).

7. The Altieri crew (founded circa.1980, defunct as of 2007).

- Capos: James 'Little Jimmy' Altieri (circa.1980-1999), Carlo Gervasi (1999-2007).

8. The La Manna crew (founded circa.1950, defunct as of 2004).

- Capos: Michele 'Feech the King of Breadsticks' La Manna (circa.1950-1984, 2004).


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