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Carlo Renzi

"When he sees this motherfucker, nobody will have to say a word."
Carlo Renzi[src]

Carlo Renzi is Jackie Aprile, Jr. and Dino Zerilli's friend and partner in crime.


Carlo Renzi was first seen in the episode "The Telltale Moozadell", when he told Dino and Jackie about the problem Christopher Moltisanti was posing for drug dealer Matush. Matush wanted to sell drugs in Adriana's club, The Crazy Horse, and was unsuccessful as he was thrown out on one occasion. Carlo tried to ask Jackie to help Matush, but this didn't go well for Matush, as Jackie's word wasn't good enough for Chris. Matush was still beaten. Later, in the episode "Amour Fou", Jackie and Dino call Carlo when they speculate how they'd pull a card game robbery. Carlo joins them on the robbery of Eugene Pontecorvo's low stakes Saturday night card game. Carlo was recruited because he owned a large shotgun. He was killed during the botched robbery attempt by Moltisanti with a shot between the eyes.


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