The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is a federation of 37 separate health insurance organizations and companies in the United States. Paulie Gualtieri's aunt, Nucci Gualtieri, is one of their clients (presumably with their Long Valley, New Jersey branch, as she is a New Jersey resident).

Alex MahaffeyEdit

Alex Mahaffey was a CPA employed at their Long Valley, New Jersey branch who owed $250,000 in gambling debts to Hesh Rabkin in 1999. He was attacked by Tony Soprano and Christopher Moltisanti outside his office, and was later pressured by Hesh and Salvatore Bonpensiero into working with them on a scam to defraud his employers by having them pay out bogus claims to fake clinics that Tony and Hesh set up. Since Alex wasn't in a position to pay the $250,000 he owed Hesh, it is likely that he went along with their plan.

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