A Hit Is a Hit
Season 1, Episode 10 #10
Air date March 14, 1999
Written by Joe Bosso
Frank Renzulli
Directed by Matthew Penn
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"Nobody Knows Anything"

"A Hit Is a Hit" is the 10th episode of Season 1 of the HBO original series The Sopranos. It is the 10th overall episode of the series. It was written by Joe Bosso and Frank Renzulli, directed by Matthew Penn and originally aired on March 14, 1999.

Plot Edit

Tony tries to make friends outside his blood family (or his Mafia family) and is glad when Dr. Cusamano invites him for a round of golf at the country club. Prior to this, he had denounced the Cusamanos as "Wonder Bread Wops", or people who forget their Italian bloodlines in order to ingratiate themselves with non-Italians. However, at the club, all the country club members want to hear is Mafia anecdotes, which is largely due to the idea that what is seen on TV must be real, a stereotype. In therapy, Tony thinks it is spiritual revenge for his teasing of other kids in his younger years. Tony gets his comeuppance when Dr. Cusamano says the club is not accepting new members. Tony says he is fine with the rejection and, as a form of revenge, gives Cusamano a package full of sand to safeguard while implying it contains something more sinister.

Subplot Edit

Christopher is continuing his foray into the entertainment business, although this time with Adriana.